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Roxann Woods/ Owner,  Pilates Instructor, Pilates For Golf Coach Instructor:
First saw Pilates on The Oprah Show in 1998 and went out and bought a tape to begin practicing but saw little results. A year and a half later after the birth of her second child, she suffered a spinal injury and again sought out Pilates to help with back pain. This time she went out a Pilates studio to take private sessions.  She found with the tapes she was just doing the moves without using the right abdominal muscles, breathing or correct form.  Eight months later she was totally pain free, was stronger in her core, and was able to stand up straight again. After seeing and feeling dramatic results, she began her path as a Pilates Instructor to help others learn the benefits of Pilates practiced the correct way Roxann is certified in Pilates Mat and Apparatus,  a Pilates for Golf Coach Advanced Instructor through The Pilates For Golf Coach located in California, and a Pilates Instructor Trainer, and she is also the director of education for Pilates Certification of North Carolina. After completing her Pilates training she opened Pilates The Form studio located in Cary, NC.  She assisted in organizing The Pilates Expo in 2004 &2005 where she was also a presenter. Roxann is excited to be able to share her experience, love, and passion for Pilates with others.

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Diane Klotz / Pilates Instructor:
grew up playing sports-everything from backyard wiffleball and kickball to organized soccer and field hockey.  Initially believing that Pilates was only for dancers and the Hollywood elite, she passed it over as a physical fitness option for herself until Pilates arrived at her gym.  She thought she would give it a try and began practicing Pilates in 2001 to complement her other fitness activities which at the time included running and weight training.  After witnessing how Pilates improved her running and posture, as well as maintained her muscle tone without continued weight training, in 2002 she decided to further her study of Pilates through certification. Diane began sharing the ability of Pilates to strengthen and transform the body as a group fitness instructor in a gym setting.  In early 2006 she joined Pilates the Form where she is privileged to be able to work closely with clients to individualize their Pilates workouts and help them achieve their personal fitness goals. Diane is certified on both mat and equipment and enjoys continuing to learn about and refine her own knowledge and practice of Pilates through sharing it with others.  When she is not teaching Pilates, Diane is a scientist with a PhD in molecular biology. 

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Sarah Harris/ Pilates Instructor:






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Stephanie Levin/ Pilates Instructor: Stephanie began studying Pilates in 2001 in Boston. She quickly saw her strength, fitness level, and overall physique quickly transform as a result of her Pilates’ work and has been a Pilates enthusiast ever since. As a mother of young twin boys, Stephanie is grateful for the physical strength and flexibility Pilates has helped her achieve. Stephanie’s professional experience and advanced degrees in education and training, along with her love and passion for Pilates prompted her to receive her mat certification. Stephanie’ goal is to encourage her students to experience Pilates as not only a means of exercise, but also a method of achieving greater confidence, balance, and overall physical well-being.




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Sarah O'Dea/ Pilates Instructor: