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        What Is Pilates  

The Pilates Method

The Pilates Method of body conditioning was developed over ninety years ago by Joseph H. Pilates to strengthen and tone the muscles. Pilates was plagued by sickness as a child, and his method sprang from his determination to strengthen his frail body.   Joseph  He referred to his method as "The Art of Contrology", or muscle control, which highlighted his unique approach of using the mind to master the muscles.  Pilates-based conditioning facilitates the development of lean, elongated muscles and functional movement that relates directly to activity or sport.  Through accurate practice and alignment, deep breathing is coordinated with each movement, encouraging abdominal support of the spine, torso and limbs as well as increasing oxygen uptake.  It improves posture, flexibility and balance. The routine itself has been carefully designed to increase strength and flexibility and elongate muscles; the beautiful result is a lean, strong body type similar to that of a professional dancer.


Mind-Body and More

The mind itself builds the body," Joseph Pilates once said. Any successful athlete would agree. In sports, the "zone" describes this mind-body connection.
By emphasizing complete concentration, proper breathing and correct spinal and pelvic alignment, Pilates Fitness trains you to integrate mind and body
in every session. Pilates is referred to as the "science of control." It is a non impact form of exercise that can be used by anyone.


Develops a strong "core" or body center, thus flattening/firming the abdominal area
Helps build strength and lean muscles without bulking effect; gives longer & sleeker appearance
Heightens body awareness & coordination
Promotes flexibility & agility
Teaches good posture & graceful movement
Strengthens and stretches simultaneously, promoting the rehydration of connective tissues and joints while helping develop muscle mass and bone density,
effectively reversing the effects of aging from the inside out
Finish workout feeling relaxed with increased energy
And many more!

"Physical Fitness is the first Requisite of Happiness."
- Joseph H. Pilates