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                                               Mat Description  


Basic Class

Is for the Pilates beginner. It is designed to teach fundamental concepts and basic moves of Pilates. This class is offered the first Sunday and the 3rd Tuesday  of the month. After taking this introductory class once a student may then go on to Mat I/II.

 Mat I/II

This class will build on the basics taught in The Basic class while introducing new exercises.
Mat II
For those of you mastering Mat Class I / II. This Class will offer more challenging exercises and introducing some Flex band and circle work.

 Mat III

This class is for the Pilates Pro and is fast paced with the use of the circle for added resistance.

This class is designed to work on utilizing you core stability to control movement and balance. It helps to strengthen the weaker muscles and improve body awareness. It is great for intermediate and advanced levels.    This class also incorporates light weights. Please bring your own ball or call    to purchase a ball and we will have it blown up prior to class.
                    The Correct Ball Size

Class Schedule & Fees

More Classes will be added based on participants needs.